About Saintgits

SAINTGITS College of Engineering is a premier educational institution, affiliated to the APJ Kalam Technological University, located in the Southern State of Kerala, India.  Established in the year 2002, the college offers the following engineering programs approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE): eight at the undergraduate level, ten at the masters-level and Doctoral program that spans several disciplines. The college campus, spread across forty acres, provides for 47,445 square meters of state of the art classrooms, laboratories, libraries and student housing. To date, the investment in the facilities and assets of the institution has exceeded one billion Indian Rupees (US $15 Million).

NBA Accredited Programmes: The National Board of Accreditation (NBA), the Indian accreditation institution recognized worldwide as a signatory of Washington accord, also accredits five of the undergraduate programs, thus enabling transfer equivalence. Saintgits College of Engineering is only self-financing engineering colleges in Kerala with seven or more than seven NBA accredited programmes.  MCA programme of Saintgits is the only NBA accredited MCA programme in entire South India. MBA programme from Saintgits Institute of Management is the only NBA accredited MBA programme in Kerala.

Research and Funding: In last 3 years alone Saintgits has got external funding for more than 33 projects from various organization like CERD, KSCSTE, IE(I), KSEB etc. Saintgits has internally funded 58 UG projects in the last 5 years. Out of 58 internally funded projects 9 have been implemented in the campus for the betterment of the college campus. One of the projects has received provisional patent and 4 are under process. All the aforesaid facts prove the research and funding culture prevalent in Saintgits and which forms forms the basis of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Innovation Centre Innovation maturity: With one of the most comprehensive academic programs in the state of Kerala, SAINTGITS is a leading institute which has an exclusive centre for Innovation of Entrepreneurship which has generated 45 innovations, 11 successful startups and 26 core entrepreneurs in a span of 15 years of existence. The centre works proactively to integrate entrepreneurship concepts and ways of thinking into disciplines across the campus.

Meritorious & Socially diversified campus: The campus of SAINTGITS is admitted with meritorious and socially divergent students who are later given training for structured thinking which in turn form the foundation of real growth. Awards and recognitions substantiates the real growth of an institution. Saintgits has bagged 2 international accolades, 3 top National Accolades and more than 50 state level accolades for the innovations created, designed and developed by the students and faculty of SAINTGITS in last 6 year

Faculty competency Research and Consultancy experience: Among the self-financing engineering colleges in Kerala, Saintgits colleges have the maximum number of Ph.D holders and all the remaining faculty possess Masters Degree. Saintgits faculty is involved in consultancy for major companies like L & T, Kochi Metro, Cochin Shipyard, Vallarpadam Terminal, KSEB etc. Besides, SAINGITS is doing collaborative programme with Purdue University,USA for designing and delivering socially relevant products to the immediate society. Also Saintgitsis involved in student exchange programme with Massachusetts University USA. All the aforesaid facts substantiate the research culture and the competency skills possessed by the faculty.

Network Industry Partners: We have successfully established strong industry-academic interaction and that has resulted in several centers, such as IBM Centre of Excellence, ANSYS Campus, LabView Academy supported by National Instruments, Autodesk Design Studio, and Infosys Campus Connect—being set up on our campus. Thus SAINTGITS flourished in Academics, Research and Development, Training, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.