ICVCI 2011

The departments of ECE and AEI of SAINTGITS College of Engineering, Kottayam are elated to organize the International Conference on VLSI, Communication and Instrumentation (ICVCI-2011) on April 7th to 9th, 2011. This conference is organized in association with ISA (South India Section) and IETE. The conference aims at creating awareness of recent developments in thrust areas such as Communication, VLSI, Signal Processing, Control System, Industrial Automation and allied fields. It is a confluence of Scientists, Engineers, and Practitioners of all areas of electronics which offers solution for practical and industrial problems through the exchange of ideas and convergence of technology.

The response to call for papers was overwhelming and around 800 papers were received from various part of the globe. Out of this, 200 papers were selected by the reviewers. And 172 papers were presented. As the conference is mainly focused in four areas of Electronics namely, VLSI, Signal Processing, Communication and Instrumentation, the papers are distributed accordingly and fifteen technical sessions are arranged as oral and poster sessions.

Eminent international professors have been invited to deliver Plenary Sessions in the conference, which will enlighten us with their enormous acquaintance in the field during various sessions of the conference. The invited speakers will bring to light the cutting edge technologies in various areas so that the participants may benefit from this technical gorge. Foreseeing that this Special Issue will enhance the knowledge and understanding in the use of latest technologies, this will act as a catalyst for further research activities. We owe the success of this conference to all those who rendered their valuable time, energy and resources at various levels.