The first International Conference on VLSI and Communication, ICVCom ’09, hosted by the Department of ECE & AEI, SAINTGITS College of Engineering was held from the 16th to 18th of April 2009. Out of the 520 papers that were reviewed, 210 papers were selected and 190 papers were presented in the conference.

A pre-conference tutorial on Biometrics was given by Dr. Ashok Rao, formerly Head Network Project, IISc., Bangalore. Expecting Dr. Ashok’s talk to technically pave the way to IC-VCOM ’09, the audiences experienced in live, the discussions that revolved around the current social issues and the fact that the technological advancements must be used for constructive rather than destructive purposes. The latter half of Dr. Rao’s talk dealt with the technical aspects of Face Recognition. ICVCom ’09 was inaugurated by Dr. Tamal Bose, Department head and professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Arizona.